Workshop Schedule:

We’re getting closer to being ready to publish a preliminary workshops schedule, but we’re not there yet. We are still determining our Worlds 2016 teaching staff and coordinating schedules. However, we have developed a preliminary workshops matrix to show how many workshops we plan to offer, what type of dances will be offered, what times, and in what rooms they will be held. Please click the link below to see our preliminary plan:

Preliminary Workshops Matrix

Please check back later for the preliminary schedule. In the meantime, included below is some general information about workshops at Worlds.    

Workshops Overview:

Take your dance skills and knowledge to the next level! At the Country Dance World Championships, we’re not only concerned with producing a great competition event, we’re also doing our best to bring you the most comprehensive dance workshop program of the year. So whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned veteran, a country dancer, swing dancer or line dancer, we’ll have a full menu of dance workshops just for you.

Our spacious facilities and large professional teaching staff allow us to offer numerous workshops at once. Workshops will begin in the afternoon on Monday, January 4th, 2016. We’ll add more workshop opportunities the following day, and we’ll build throughout the week until we’re offering up to five workshops at a time. We’ll wrap it up on Sunday January 10th with another half day of workshop opportunities before we have to begin vacating our space. We’re planning over 100 workshops at Worlds 2016!

Types of Classes Available:

We offer a wide variety of dance workshops at Worlds. Based on how much time you have available to take them, and which ones appeal to you, you will select the type of admission pass that best suits your preferences. Generally speaking, the lower skill level classes are going to be included in the price of your general admission pass. The upper skill level classes and specialty classes will require a different type of pass or an individual ticket. Here is a brief explanation of the types of classes we’ll be offering:

«  Included Workshops – these classes will be offered in country, swing and line dance per the published schedule. Most of these classes will be structured for the beginning level or the beyond beginning level dancers. These classes may be attended by anyone who has purchased any type of day pass or multi-day pass (excludes spectator passes).

 «  Line Dance Classes – these premium classes will be offered in the Line Dance rooms in a variety of contemporary and retro line dances. All difficulty levels and styles will be taught by our international staff of instructors. A 3-day Line Dance Pass, a 1-Day pass that includes workshops, or an “All Access” 6-Day pass will admit you into as many of these classes as you care to take during the week. Single class tickets may be purchased at the door by anyone who has not purchased either any the previously mentioned passes.

«  Couples & Specialty Classes – couples (also called partner dance) classes will be offered in a variety of country dance styles (2 Step, Waltz, etc.) as well as Swing. We will also have classes on specific dance techniques. Most of these premium classes will be structured for the intermediate skill level and above. You must have purchased either an “All Access” pass, a 1-Day pass that includes workshops, or an individual workshop ticket for admission to these classes. An “All Access” pass will allow you to attend as many of these classes as you wish.      

Click here to go to the Registration Page for event pass pricing options.


“more to come…check every few days”
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